Other Terms of Marine Operations...

Alongside Another Ship.- Operation to moor a ship to other than is berthed to wharf or cast anchor in the aquatic operational area of the Terminal.

Harbor activity. - Construction, conservation, development, use, advantage, operation, operation, administration of the ports, terminals and harbor facilities in general, including the necessary activities for the access to such, in the marine areas, fluvial and lacustrine.

Harbor administrator. - Constituted or domiciled legal person in the country, that administers to a port or harbor terminal. The Harbor Administrator can be public or private.

Gauging. - Activity that consists of recognizing the merchandise, to verify its nature and value, to establish its weight, counts or measured, to classify it in the tariff nomenclature and to determine the burdens that are to him applicable.

Consolidated load. - Group of merchandise pertaining to one or several consignataries, reunited to be transported from a port to another one in containers, always that the same ones are protected by a same shipping document.

Load of Reshipment. - Load of import showed for the port of arrival of the ship, embarked to its port of origin or another port again.

Load of Transfer. - Load showed like so, coming from foreign countries, for other countries or home ports, transported or by sea fluvial.

Cost and Freight (C.F.R.). - Term by which the salesman assumes all the expenses of transport from the merchandise to the place of been suitable destiny, but the risk of loss or damages of the same one or any increase of costs, is transferred of the salesman to the buyer as soon as the merchandise pass the hut of the ship, in the port of embarkation .

Cost, Insurance and Freight (C.I.F.). - Term similar to the one of C & F but the salesman must, in addition, provide a marine insurance against risk of loss or damage of the merchandise during its transport.

Deprived Authorized Customs Deposit. - The premises destined to the storage of merchandise of exclusive property of the deposit taker.

Customs Deposit Authorized Public. - The premises destined to the storage of merchandise of different depositors.

Customs deposits Authorized. - The premises destined to store asked for merchandise to the regime of Customs Deposit.

Straight of Use of Aquatic and Coastal Spaces. - Administrative act by means of which the Main directorate of Captainships and Coastguard vessel authorizes to the petitioner the operation of areas of harbor development.

Infrastructure of Aquatic Access. - Constituted by channels, zones of approach, defensive installations (breakwater, peaks, sluices) and signaling (lights, buoys) that are in the aquatic operational area.

Infrastructure of Harbor Area. - Constituted by wharves, docks, docks, areas of storage in transit, buoys of mooring and other routes of internal communication (tracks, paths).

Zone of Logistics operations. - Part of the harbor zone in which the development of activities or services is authorized, complementary or connected to the merchandise to change the nature of the good.

Zone of Storage. - Area inside the harbor enclosure, organized and equipped to give services of storage to the loads.

Zone of Anchorage. - Aquatic area established by the naval administration for the anchorage of the ships.

Frank zone. - Part of the national territory in which the customs regime allows to receive merchandise without the payment of tributes to the import.