Sunbean Logistic is a International Company dedicated Foreign Trade, able to handle any type of products by efficient way, without forgetting diminishing costs and time thinking about maximizing the benefits of the client.

We participated actively with our clients to facilitate the handling of their operations of international trade, working with efficiency, punctuality and quality, obtaining this way, the delivery to them of the product in time.

We are a Company that foments the participation of our personnel, jeopardizing and motivating partners, employees and suppliers to work in harmony and equipment, with eagerness to offer the best service to the client, obtaining this, when being updated in the regulations of the international market, be receptive in all the opportunities of business.

We are a dedicated company that offer services of logistic and transport that are adapted to times and circumstances that global dynamics demands, optimizing and satisfying the necessities with the client, without it means a great investment.

“We are leaders in the chain of supplying of the commerce at world-wide level.”